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COVID19: Masks (US and India)

Through a simple craft such as at-home mask-making, we can benefit thousands of doctors and essential workers as well as benefit the environment through reusable masking.


Team Ayuda have hand sewed 1600 reusable fabric masks, 50 scrub caps and 50 shield masks and donated in NY, CA and Texas. As the COVID cases grew team Ayuda collaborated with RobinhoodArmy ( in India and donated 10,000 masks in 15 cities in Northern India.


Its amazing to see what a small needle and thread can do, similarly we are trying to make a difference in life of others to keep them safe and healthy by providing them masks.

COVID 19: Workshops

Ayuda involves the entire community in its mask-making efforts. We distribute mask-making kits and hold Zoom workshops to teach others how to contribute to this amazing cause and thank our essential staff. See when you can attend the next workshop below! Its amazing to see how the community comes together for a good cause. In less than 10 days we grew from one person idea to team of 10 volunteers.

Monthly workshops to teach others to make masks 

Past Workshops:

 March 29, Sunday, April 19, 2020 , June 6, 2020, July 2020

Missed a Workshop?

Don't worry! Check out this link to a video 


2020 Fire season burned 4,197,628 Acres of land. Cal Fire fought the fires around our community and state. Team of our volunteers got together and made posters and cards as thank you notes and dropped them to calfire stations along with Thankyou Gift baskets.​

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