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Ayuda United States 

COVID19: Mask Making

In March of 2020 when the US had a large shortage of masks, Team Ayuda came together and started sewing masks. Aunts, grandmas, and kids as young as 6 were helping cut the fabric, sew masks, disinfect and donate masks to medical staff, homeless shelters, and essential workers. Team Ayuda has hand sewed more that 1500 masks so far.​

COVID19: Mask Donations

As time passed, masks became an essential part of life. Meha took responsibility of keeping lower income families in her district safe as well as working on international efforts to provide masks and mask education to rural communities. Collaborating with District council women Sylvia, Meha and her team have been donating 2000 masks per month at Welch park in San Jose, CA.

COVID 19: Workshops

Ayuda founder Meha hosted online workshops for kids and adults monthly to teach how to sew masks. Ayuda also provided basic kits to help the community learn how to make masks and keep them safe. Youtube videos were also released so everybody could be on board.

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